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Hi there sailor, welcome to the new website of Aries Vane Gear. We are glad that you found us. We recently moved from Denmark to the Netherlands. As the Netherlands have their roots in sailing we will use this heritage and continue to produce one of the best self steering equipment on the market. Of course with the same personal attention and support. I am also pleased to announce that we are now dealer of Superwind wind generators. Please take a look around and contact me if you have any questions,

Lean Nelis

Aries news

What they say about Aries

“The Aries is a brutally strong piece of engineering, sculpted from stainless steel and aluminum, and even in these days of electronic autohelms it is a prized possession for ocean-going sailboats.

It has no batteries to go flat, no fuses to replace, no wires to corrode. It is the Rube Goldberg of steering systems, stealing its guidance from the wind and its power from the passing water. It is a magical, 90-pound replacement for a human crewmember, but it doesn’t need to be fed three meals a day and it never steals the last cold beer. ” Bron: John Vigor.


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