What is an Aries wind vane?

The Aries vane gear is a wind vane that is attached to a sailing boat and gives you the posibillity to steer for you in a set course. It works on the servo pendulum system in which the vane operates a servo rudder which can swing sideways. This motion is transmitted to the tiller or wheel by ropes and blocks.

The gear is suitable for all yachts up to 55 ft. L.O.A. The minimum size vessel is usually around 28 ft. L.O.A. because the gear weight of 35 kg is unacceptable on smaller boats unless they have broad stern sections.

The setup

Aries Vane Gear includes:

  • 2 marine plywood vanes
  • 4 blocks
  • 6 universal mounting brackets
  • Hinge
  • Tubes for mounting
  • All lines (steering- course adjustmentlines)
  • Tillerclamp + chain if no wheel drum is ordered
  • Mounting instructions
  • Users manual
  • Sparepart list

Our product catalog

Please send us an email if you require information on prices for the whole setup or spare parts. Also do not hesitate to ask for help and instructions when replacing parts.

Mounting Brackets

These mounting brackets consist each of three stainless steel castings, bolts and washers and are nicely isolated from the Aluminum tube to prevent corrosion. We sell many of these brackets to sailing people, who use them for all sorts of things. They are very flexible, can easily be angled to fit, and once bolted on, you just tighten all bolts and the bracket is very very strong. Beside, it is a beautiful bracket.

An Aries vane gear comes with six of these brackets. Two fits on the gear, four on the boat.

Stainless steel castings (made by the VAX investment method), Delrin isolation material.


Tiller Kit

The tiller clamp is made of cast bronze. Being very simple it still observes the following conditions:

  • the lines can not come off by accident.
  • the lines does not wear at the fixing point.
  • the mid point can easily be adjusted for weather helm (when tacking).
  • easy engagement/disengagement.
  • distance fix point to rudder stock adjustable.
  • can not slip, even under extreme load.

Bronze casting, two U-bolts to fit any size tiller. One length of chain.

Tilller_Clamp_Big1 Tilller_Clamp_Big2

Wheel Kit

The drum is made of Aluminum castings, incorporates a clutch and free wheel of two large gear rings operated by a handle on the face of the drum. This gives instant engagement and disengagement as well as a fine adjustment between the vane gear and main helm. It is a pleasure to use.

The Clutch can be operated with not much efford, no danger like: “The Father has tighten the clutch too hard, so in emergency the daughter can’t release the clutch”.

LM5 aluminum castings. Teeth angled so that they will never break out even under extreme load, and can always be disconnected at the handle.


Wind Vane

The shape of the vane is not as important as the weight of it. Some sailors prefer the vane to be slightly lighter that the lead weight below. This means that the vane will search for mid position by itself. I tried a lighter vane on my circumnavigation but I did not like it. I changed it back to even the lead weight by putting a bolt onto it in the top. Consequently I now make all vanes to even the lead weight below but you are free to try lighter ones. Plywood is a very good material to use. It does not wear by the sun and it is easy replaced in any harbour in any country. I had seven with me on leaving New Zealand. When a big wave breaks over the vane gear, the vane will break no matter what it is made of. Those who state anything else have never felt a stormy breaking wave on their body. The force is tremendous! The plywood vane snaps off without doing any damage to the rest of the gear. I have never had the vane broken by the force of the wind.

7 mm marine plywood, one coat of protective varnish. A vane gear comes with two wind vanes.


Servo Rudder

This is a simple GRP product. The rudder stock extends until 10 cm from end of rudder, first placed in a foam core (the servo rudder is not hollow). Then two layers of Fiberglass and gel coat on the outside. We make them at the Aries factory.

Servo Rudder Core
Normal Fiberglass construction with foam core.


Universal Block

Consists of two sheaves housed in a sphere. The sphere can be rotated to an angle and clamped in position by the outer castings which house it. Very useful for center cockpit wheel steering layouts.

One block consist of four aluminum casings. Bolted on deck or cockpit by four bolts.

Universal_Block_Big1 Universal_Block_Big2 Universal_Block_Big3


The new Hinge for quick release and overload protection.
Fits all UK and DK gears.

Hinge is made of aluminum casings, lock mechanism of stainless steel.

Hinge1_Big Hinge2_Big

Super Wind

Aries vane Gear is also dealer of Super Wind, wind generators. Please contact us so we can inform you on products, parts and prices.

montage_b superwind-logo

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